Where Are They Now

I have below the following Emails of those that have played in this great Tournament, if you wish to make contact please respect their privacy by sending an email to Mike@RollerMillsRugby.co.nz, I will forward your email onto them.

You can also post queries here if you are looking for old team mates/coaches.

1947 David Fleming – King Country
1948/49 Colin Meads – King Country
1955 Mark McVeigh – Auckland North
1956 Bill McCleery – Waikato Rovers
1959/60 Doug Rowe – Waikato Rangers
1961 Keith West – Counties
1966 Jim Allen – Auckland West
1971 Colin Bensley
1974 Tony White Auckland North
1976 Sione Vaka – Auckland East
1975 Mark Ferguson – Auckland North
1977 Nick Quinn – Auckland North
1977 Cyril Howard – Auckland West
1977 Neville Greening – Auckland East
1981 Brendon Sutton – Auckland East
1981/82 Craig Innes – Waikato Rovers
1986 Mark Stolberger North Harbour
1986 Campbell Burnes – Auckland East


Luke Sumich
Warrick Black
Grant Murray



  • Maureen Green says:

    Bob Oliphant was the boxing guy TV 1 use to have on in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He was also my teacher while I was at Glen Innes Primary. He could have been my Standard 3-4 teacher. We – our class, use to have fun with him and all the games and plays we did. We played a form of Master Mind but it was using the dictionary blah blah blah…Joe Tanner & I were usually the last ones left. Or I was the lead ‘Mummy’ in our Egyptian plays. I wonder if he ever thought I’d be on tv? No, there wasn’t a lot of need for a ‘Mummy’. Never made it to tell the truth…not saying I tried either.
    If any one knows where he is…tell him thank you for the best year of my primary school life. It sticks out fairly strongly I must say. And please tell him that I did fairly well with myself, considering where I started from.
    Maureen Green (nee Whitelaw)

  • Denis walter Standen says:

    I know I am knocking up the years but I noticed that Thames Valley won the roller mills in 1957 yet on the list of past winners there is no record of that win by Thames Valley having a team there..And yes I played in that year when we beat NTH AUCKLAND My brother E.G.Standen when Thames Valley won the trophy before that

  • Bob Oliphant says:

    Hi Maureen
    Just discovered this web site.Thank you for your kind words.I’m now a doddery old 75 year old and am semi retired but work a day and a half a week as a learning and behavior consultant at Sancta Maria College. Isn’t it amazing what you can dig up if somewhat belatedly on the internet.Hope you are happy and well
    Cheers Bob

  • JB Richdale says:

    Looking for any information about “Jock” Richdale, a member of the NRM Franklin team of 1940. That team photo was published in the County News 200 centenary edition.
    Barrie Richdale

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