Northern Roller Mills Tournament

hosted by;


Silverdale United Rugby Football Club

September 29th – October 5th

Weight for the 2013 Roller Mills Tournament has increased to 57 Kg’s with only 1 weigh in (Sunday)

Silverdale War Memorial

Hibuscus Coast Highway, Silverdale




2013 Roller Mills Tournament Draw

with Time and Field Allocation


Section A Section B
Waikato Auckland East
Auckland West Northland
Bay Of Plenty Thames Valley
North Harbour Counties Manukau
King Country North Harbour – Devel.
Day 1 – Sunday 29th September 2013
OPENING CEREMONY 11am – Open to the public (be early)
Match Time Field Team Result Team Result
1 12:30pm 1 Bay Of Plenty  27 North Harbour  12
2 1:00pm 3 King Country  0 Auckland West  43
3 1:40pm 1 Northland  50 North Harbour Dev.  0
4 2:10pm 3 Auckland East  98 Thames Valley 0
Bye Waikato / Counties Manukau
Day 2 – Monday 30th September 2013
Match Time Field Team Result Team Result
5 11:30am 1 Counties Manukau  31 Thames Valley  3
6 12:15pm 3 Northland  3 Auckland East  22
7 1pm 1 Waikato  0 Auckland West  38
8 1:45pm 3 Bay Of Plenty  34 King Country  0
Bye North Harbour / North Harbour Dev.
Day 3 – Tuesday 1st October 2013
Match Time Field Team Result Team Result
9 11:00am 1 North Harbour Dev. 0 Auckland East  83
10 11:45am 3 Waikato  22 Bay Of Plenty  30
11 12:30pm 1 North Harbour  24 King Country  3
12 1:15pm 3 Counties Manukau  5 Northland  63
Bye Auckland West / Thames Valley
Day 4 – Wednesday 2nd October 2013
Match Time Field Team Result Team Result
13 11:00am 1 Auckland West  28 Bay Of Plenty  12
14 11:45am 3 North Harbour Dev.5 Counties Manukau  34
15 12:30pm 1 Thames Valley  5 Northland  48
16 1:15pm 3 North Harbour  20 Waikato  12
Bye King Country / Auckland East
Day 5 – Thursday 3rd October 2013
Match Time Field Team Result Team Result
17 11:00am 1 King Country  5 Waikato  45
18 11:45am 3 Auckland West  15 North Harbour  10
19 12:30pm 1 Auckland East  64 Counties Manukau  0
20 1:15pm 3 Thames Valley  0 North Harbour Dev.  22
Bye Bay Of Plenty / Northland
Day 6 – Friday 4th October 2013
Match Time Field Team Result Team Result
21 11:00am 3 North Harbour  31 North Harbour Dev.  3
22 11:45am 1 Auckland West  7 Northland  10
23 12:30pm 3 Waikato  25 Counties Manukau  10
24 1:15pm 1 Bay Of Plenty  10 Auckland East  22
Bye 5th in Section A / 5th in Section B
Day 7 – Saturday 5th October 2013
Match Time Field Team Result Team Result Ranking
25 9:30am 4 King Country  41 Thames Valley  10 9th/10th
26 9:30am 3 North Harbour Dev  6 Counties Manukau  36 7th/8th
27 11:00am 3 North Harbour  24 Waikato  21 5th/6th
28 11:00am 1 Auckland West  12 Bay of Plenty  16 3rd/4th
29 12:30pm 1 Northland  5 Auckland East  50 1st/2nd
Closing Ceremony – Presentation of Awards

2013 NRM Champions – Auckland East





#’s 1,2,3,16,17 = front row

2012 Champions


No.      Players Name                         School

1.         Logan Shaw                            Te Mata School
2.         Pheonix Ngauma                    Te Awamutu Intermediate
3.         Caleb O’Conner                      Melville Intermediate
4.         William Sinclair                      Berkley Intermediate
5.         Zac Wickham-Darlington       Marion School
6.         Sione Nuispepa                      Huntly Primary School
7.         Jake Russ (C)                           St Patricks Te Awamutu
8.         Justin Reti                               Tokoroa Intermediate
9.         Wairehu Hohepa-Te Huia   Nga Pura Pura O Te Aroha
10.       Tom Wallace                            Berkley Normal School
11.       Brandin Carlson                      Tainui Full Primary 
12.       Ford Ager                                  Melville Intermediate
13.       Oliver McDougall                  Southwell Intermediate
14.       Cleveland Cherry                  Putaruru Intermediate School
15.       Sheldon Pilling                       Ngahinapouri School
16.       Devonte Mihinui                   Peachgrove Intermediate
17.       Jahkay Roberts                     Tokoroa Intermediate
18.       Sione Hungalu                       Peachgrove Intermediate
19.       Tom Brown                             Matamata Intermediate
20.       George Finau                         Fairfield Intermediate
21.       Jared Ware                             Peachgrove Intermediate
22.       Nicolas Jeffcoat                    Te Uku School



Coach/Medic            Wayne Bootten         
Coach                          Graham Wallace       
Manager                     Mike Gregan  
Trainer                        Sam McNamara          

Host Union – North Harbour

No:                       Player Name                          School

1.         Ausai Jnr Faavesi- Frost        Helensville Primary
2.         Lockie McNair                         Belmont Intermediate
3.         Tyler Polley                             Birkdale Intermediate
4.         Robert Rush                           Northcross Intermediate
5.         Connor O’Leary – Lodge (C)   Northcross Intermediate
6.         Ben Mitchell                           Albany Junior High School
7.         Taliauli Hau                            Rosmini College
8.         Jed Melvin                              Orewa College
9.         Taylor Norwood (VC)            Northcross Intermediate
10.       Jock McKenzie                         Belmont Intermediate
11.       Cieran Couper                           Orewa College
12.       Conor Donovan                      Wentworth School
13.       Julian Vea                               Rosmini College
14.       Cade Wilson                           Northcross Intermediate
15.       Isla Norman – Bell                  Northcross Intermediate
16.       William Whitfield                   Murrays Bay Intermediate
17.       Graysen Brown                       Northcross Intermediate
18.       Angus McIntyre                      Belmont Intermediate
19.       Jesse Taylor                            Birkdale Intermediate
20.       Kayden Singer                       Waioneke Primary School
21.       Te Tai Rota                               Colwill Primary School
22.       Thomas Hemmington         Northcross Intermediate
Head Coach                Paul Norwood           
Asst. Coach                 Steve McDowall         
Asst. Coach                 Tony Bruce
Manager                     Paul Evans     
Physio/Medic             Peter Melvin

North Harbour Development

No.      Players Name                         School

1.         Flynn Willemse                       Murrays Bay Intermediate
2.         Liam McCathie                       Whangaparaoa College
3.         Devon Shaw                            Albany Junior High School
4.         Braedyn Collins                      Rosmini College
5.         Liam McMullen                      Whangaparaoa College
6.         Lachlan Power                        Rosmini College
7.         Ryan Smith                             Northcross Intermediate
8.         Bronson Larsen (VC)              Rosmini College
9.         Tama Hawken (C)                   Mahurangi College
10.       Jarrad Harford                        Murrays Bay Intermediate
11.       Kayne Mare                            Marina View Primary School
12.       Salim Sultandi                          Northcross Intermediate
13.       Chicayne Pryor                       Helensville Primary School
14.       Markku Venter                       Northcross Intermediate
15.       Kade Banks                             Mahurangi College
16.       Oliver Charlesworth               Murrays Bay Intermediate
17.       Thomas Paotama                   Orewa College
18.       Harry Cross                             Murrays Bay Intermediate
19.       Kade Schieb                            Northcross Intermediate
20.       Brodie Kent                            Rosmini College
21.       Joshua Jacomb                       Albany Junior High School
22.       Bryce Wainhouse                   Rosmini College
Head Coach                            Stewart Ashworth     
Asst. Coach                             Darren Ephraims       
Manager                                 John Trautvetter       
Asst. Manager/Medic         Mark Power 

Auckland West

Sonnybill Williams (video of SBW wishing his Auck West team all the best)

No.      Players Name                         School

1.         David Kalekale            (VC)                Balmoral Intermediate
2.         Joseph Dickinson                    Rangeview Intermediate
3.         Micah Marsh                          Waiheke School
4.         Tyrique Ranata                       Waikowhai Intermediate
5.         Tyias Ropati-Tongalea                       Rangeview Intermediate
6.         Zion Rasmussen                     Henderson Intermediate
7.         Reece Suesue                         St Peters School
8.         Alfred Patrick John Tonga      Wesley Intermediate
9.         Terrance Stephens                 Ponsonby Intermediate
10.       Joshua Hansan                       St Peters School
11.       Jonathan Kalekale                  Balmoral Intermediate School
12.       Niko Jones                              St Peters School
13.       Viliami Muru-Teutau             Henderson Intermediate
14.       Carlos Heta                             Waiheke School
15.       Oliver Bonner-Hutton                        Te Atatu Intermediate
16.       Josh Kara (C)                           Balmoral intermediate School
17.       Simeon Latu                           Wesley Intermediate
18.       Nathanael James Sasagi        Mt Roskill Intermediate
19.       Kepueli Manukia                    St Peters School
20.       Hiwa Wiki                               Waikowhai Intermediate
21.       Julian Goerke                         Glen Eden Intermediate
22.       Fritz Ioakimo                          Rangeview Intermediate
Manager                     Mars Tuigamala        
Coach                          Semisi Tuigamala      
Coach                          Mitch Tongalea         
Coach                          Michael Mau’u
Medic                          Brandon Manukia

King Country


No.      Players Name                         School

1.         Matthew Whittiker                Taupo Intermediate
2.         Chey Jacobs                            Taupo Intermediate
3.         Rhys Valentine                       Tongariro School
4.         Johnson Bishop                      Hilltop School
5.         Max Ferguson                         St Patricks Catholic School
6.         Joshua Lord (C)                       Turaki School
7.         Carlos Karaitiana                    Te Kuiti Primary School
8.         Joe Williams                           St Patricks Catholic School
9.         Kristian Gent-Standen (VC)   Mountview School
10.       Demante Murray                    Pio Pio College
11.       Sam Jarvis                               Turaki School
12.       Cortez Ratima                         Pio Pio College
13.       Baylee Hamm                         Turaki School
14.       Guy Lansdown                                    Pio Pio College
15.       Adam Smith                            St Joseph Catholic School
16.       Ayden Conrad                                    Ngakonui Valley School
17.       James Prestage                       Turaki School
18.       Jake Houpapa                         Ngapuke School
19.       Hiraka Wanakore                   Taumarunui Primary School
20.       Lucas Corney                          Turaki School
21.       Quayed Bell                            Te Kuiti Primary School
22.       Jared Crosland                                   Te Kuiti Primary School
Coach                          Matt Lord      
Coach                          Pat Te Kahu   
Manager                     Donny Karaitiana      
Technical Advisor       Josh Standen 
Medic                          Jack Murray


Thames Valley

No.      Players Name                         School

1.         Jordan Downs                         Whangamata Area School
2.         Lachlan Anderson                  Thames High School
3.         Baylee Edwards (Co-VC)        Parawai School
4.         Benjamin Mason                    Elstow-Waihou Combined School
5.         Charlie Spicer                         Waihi College
6.         Reece Kennedy                       Waihi College
7.         Reuben De Leeuw (C)             Te Rerenga school
8.         Luke Thompson                      Stanley Avenue School
9.         Michael McKain (Co-VC)        Miller Avenue School
10.       Stripling Koopu                      Waihi College
11.       Ryan Miller                             Waihi College
12.       Joshua Lonegan                      Waihi College
13.       Kyle Nickel                              Stanley Avenue School
14.       Hayden Parkes                       Te Puru School
15.       Finn Adams                            Netherton School
16.       Paea Toki                                Waihi College
17.       George Croker                                    Waihi College
18.       James Webster                       Whenuakite School
19.       Joshua Wirihana                    Te Wharekura O Manaia
20.       Jack Stevenson                       Coromandel Area School
21.       Ronald Muir                           Turua School
22.       Samuel Tupou                                    Waihi College
Coach                          Mark Peterson           
Coach                          Clarke Koopu 
Manager                     Scott Spicer    
Trainer/Medic            Calvin Wirihana





No.      Players Name                         School

1.         Isaiah Harding                                    Kaitaia Abundant Life School
2.         Matthew Harrison (VC)          Dargaville Intermediate
3.         Liam McNally                          Okaihau College
4.         Oliver Hilton-Jones                Kaitaia Intermediate
5.         Tomislav Baker                       Pompallier School
6.         Micheal Conrad-Ellis              Pukenui School
7.         Shyne Fulton                          Kerikeri High School
8.         Joseph Ngere                          Okaihau College
9.         Dylan Brown                           Whangarei Intermediate
10.       Rivez Reihana (C)                   Huanui College
11.       Takerei Rollo                          Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Pukemiro
12.       Lathan Hutchinson-Walters  Dargaville Intermediate
13.       Pukeroa Rollo                         Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Pukemiro
14.       George Fanning                      Dargaville Intermediate
15.       Corey Evans                            Kaitaia Intermediate
16.       Rihari Pomare                         Kaitaia Intermediate
17.       Romeo Kakara                                    Dargaville Intermediate
18.       Ethan Sherwood                    Dargaville Intermediate
19.       Sam Yates-Harrop                  Taipa Area School
20.       Remedi Broughton                 Whangarei Intermediate
21.       Ryan Nankivell                                   Moerewa School
22.       Johnson Peters                       Wellsford School
Head Coach                            Morrice Colley           
Asst. Coach                             Brent Colley
Manager                                 Catherine Stewart     
Manager                                 Melanie Harrison      
Physio                                                 Graeme Powdrell      
Medic                                      Sam Brown

Counties Manukau


No.      Players Name                         School

1.         Taane Beach (VC)                   Mangatangi Primary School
2.         Luke Fawthrop                       Pukekohe Intermediate
3.         Larenz Tupaea-Thompson     Rosehill Intermediate
4.         James Sixsmith                       Pukeoware School
5.         Samuel Bensemann               Rosehill Intermediate
6.         St8 Kaneri                               Mangatangi Primary School
7.         Josh Gellert                            Karaka Primary School
8.         Simione Ofa                            Manurewa Intermediate
9.         Ethan Thomas                                    Sandspit Primary School
10.       Josh Loveday (C)                     Waiau Pa Primary
11.       Isileli Kaifoto                          Manurewa Intermediate
12.       Osaiasi Langi                           Manurewa Intermediate
13.       Sione Tuliakiono                    Manurewa Intermediate
14.       Dillon Atiga                             Rosehill Intermediate
15.       Teaabo Teaabo                      Pukekohe Intermediate
16.       Devan Abraham                     Pukekohe Intermediate
17.       Luke Taylor                             St Mary’s Primary
18.       Guy Duncan                            Karaka Primary School
19.       Beau Costelloe                       St Joseph’s School
20.       Logan Ulberg                          St Mary’s Primary
21.       Josh Powrie                            St Mary’s Primary
22.       Hayden Hawke                       Patumahoe Primary School
Coach                          Joe Lukupa     
Coach                         Sio Taimo       
Manager                     Jo Doran        
Manager/Medic         Sifa Tolomaki  



Auckland East


No.      Players Name                         School

1.         Richard Toa’i                          Dilworth Junior School
2.         Isaako Enosa                          Viscount School 
3.         Fruean Easthope                    Kedgley Intermediate
4.         Samuela Fonua                      Point England School
5.         Michael Hoeft                         Kedgley Intermediate
6.         Seth Coxen                             Sommerville Intermediate
7.         Joseph Tulaga                         Sutton Park
8.         Sione Ma’asi                           Bailey Road School
9.         Pita Fakaongo                         De La Salle College
10.       Chay Fihaki                             Ellerslie School
11.       Josh Ka                                                Remuera Intermediate
12.       Arapeta Henry (Co-C)             Tamaki Primary
13.       Mateaki Ma’asi                      Bailey Road School 
14.       Euese Toomaga                      Dilworth Junior School
15.       Kiamana Keepa-Mau              Kedgley Intermediate 
16.       Hurricain Roberts                   Remuera Intermediate 
17.       Jackson Armour                      Sacred Heart College 
18.       Kitiona Vai                              Viscount School 
19.       Apiesa Hingano                      Papatoetoe Intermediate 
20.       Harry Lee                                Kings School 
21.       Jack Kiely (Co-C)                     Sacred Heart College
22.       Altali Solovi                            Sir Edmund Hillary
Head Coach                Bond Tagaloa
Forwards Coach         Bryan Ofamooni        
Backs Coach                Sam Tuia        
Technical Advisor       Keith Gayford            
Manager                     Mark Hewetson
Physio/Medic             Physio Fix        


Bay Of Plenty

No.      Players Name                         School

1.         Brandon  Mikaere-Toto         Te Wharekura o Mauao
2.         Bede Harvey                           Te Puke Intermediate
3.         Manny Crawford  (C)             Edgecumbe Primary
4.         Kees Pohatu                           Tauranga Intermediate
5.         Tamaikoha Te Aute                Te Puke Intermediate
6.         Kobe Rodger                           Tauranga Intermediate
7.         Melino Fotu                            Mt Maunganui Intermediate
8.         Taituha Woller                       Te Wharekura o Mauao
9.         Louis Grinrod                         Aquinas College
10.       Bailey Gordon            (VC)                 Rotorua Intermediate
11.       Ezekiel Jackson                       Edgecumbe Primary
12.       Kalem Strickland                    Rotorua Intermediate
13.       Kingita Kingi                            Whangamarino School
14.       Josh Calvert                            Mt Maunganui Intermediate
15.       Sirdaris Rauhihi                      Te Puke Intermediate
16.       Wiremu Te Rangi                   TKKM o Te Rotoiti
17.       Dom Ellis                                 Te Kura o Matapihi
18.       George Catto                          Te Puna School
19.       Wipori Tuanau                       Te Puke Intermediate
20.       Neitana Tapiata- Smith     Tauranga Intermediate
21.       Izahn Le Comte                      Tauranga Intermediate
22.       Logan Karauria                     Tauranga Intermediate
Coach                             Cliff Honey
Asst. Coach                 Barry Ririnui  
Asst. Coach/MedicJeff Robb        
Manager                      Darren Harvey            



This tournament is not only for the best under 13 under 57kg Rugby players North of Taupo, But the Rugby Unions use this tournament to develop their top up and coming Rugby Referees. At the 2009 tournament we had a visiting Referee come down from Samoa who went on to referee a IRB International Rugby game.

Amon Rimene BOP (above picture)
George Haswell BOP
Stephen Ball Northland
Aabied Dollie North Harbour
Matt Ford North Harbour
Dean Harris North Harbour
Jack Adams Auckland
Oliver Hadfield Auckland
Shane Simpkins Waikato




Check out these great 2013 action photo’s taken during the tournament on our Facebook

Skit Nite…. (sorry folks)










2013 NRM Tournament Team

Auckland East
Richard Toa’i
Isaako Enosa
Samuela Fonua
Chay Fihaki
Arapeta Henry
Harry Lee

Auckland West
Joseph Dickinson
Tyrique Ranata
Josh Kara

Bay of Plenty
Brandon Mikaere-Toto
Taituha Woller
Louis Grinrod
Logan Karauria

King Country
Matthew Whittiker

North Harbour
Ausai Junior Faavesi-Frost
Robert Rush
Julian Vea

Matthew Harrison
Rivez Reihana
Rihari Pomare

Jake Russ
Brandin Carlson



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Gulf Harbour Country Club

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 2013 Roller Mills Information – Whangaparaoa Lodge

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North Harbour




Thames Valley

Counties Manukau

Bay of Plenty

King Country