Tournament Rules

Northern Region Primary Schools’ Rugby Advisory Council



To be eligible to play for a team, a player must – (1) Be enrolled and attend a school within that unions boundaries for at least the 5 weeks prior to the tournament. (2) Be under 13 years of age as at the 1st January of the year of tournament. (3) Be in a class not higher than Year 8 (Form 2) (4) Obtain written authorisation from the Ministry of Education confirming eligibility under (1) and (3) above if not attending a school. (5) Be under 55 kgs at the first weigh-in and under 55 kgs at the second. (NRM only) (6) For the 2009 Tournament Thames Valley may field up to 5 Year 9 players who qualify age and weight wise.


The draw to decide section participation at the NRM and Bill McLaren tournaments will be made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Northern Region Primary Schools’ Rugby Advisory Council preceding the tournaments.


(i) The teams are to be divided into two sections and a complete round played. The winners in each section shall play the second placed team of the other section in a playoff round to determine the two teams to contest the final. Similarly 3 to play 4 from each section. When ten teams are participating there shall be five days of section play with the first game to be on weigh in day (inclusive of the bye) / semi finals day / and a finals day.

(ii) Section play points will be 4, 2, 1 points system eg 4 for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss by seven or less. A bonus point is awarded to team/s scoring four tries or more in a game.

(iii) In the event of a two way tie in any one section a the end of section play, placings shall be determined as follows- (NZRFU Reg XI part 3)

(a) Winners of the game in section play. (b) If the game was drawn the team having the better differential between points scored and points conceded in section play. (c) The formulae indicated in (a) and (b) of these rules also apply in the event of more than two teams tying.

Semi Finals. When teams are tied at the end of normal time, the winners will be determined by- 9NZRFU Reg XI part 5.1.1) A further five minutes each way will be played. If the teams are still drawn, The team scoring the most tries in the match. If equal the team having the higher differential between the average points scored for and against in section play, shall be declared the winner.


Play to consist a complete round of games with no final.


The Official Form (as established by the Northern Region’s Primary Schools’ Rugby Advisory Council) shall be completed by all teams. This information to be compiled in a folder in the team list order 1 to 22. This folder is to be handed to (i) the weigh in officials at the Opening Day weigh in at NRM Tournaments (ii) the Chairman of the Organising Committee before play on Day 1 at Bill McLaren Tournaments.

The documentation is to certify – (i) That the player attends a school within the union, and is in a class not higher than Year 8 (Form 2). School Principals signature to verify this. If the player does not attend a school, then written authorisation is needed from the Ministry of Education. (ii) Parental consent for the player to travel, practise, participate in excursions and play at their own risk. (iii) Parental consent for medical treatment and administration of anaesthetic on the advice of a medical practitioner. (iv) Include a passport sized photograph of the player taken within the last 12 months. (v) The signature of the player, and an official from the Union the player represents certifying the accuracy of the information. (vi) Birth certificate or passport – original, or copy notarised by a Justice of the Peace or higher. (vii) Include a disclaimer that this information can be checked upon.

NB: Failure to provide the required documentation for all players will result in the team concerned being penalised 2 competition points in pool play.


(i) Player’s must weigh under 55 kg at the Weigh-in before play on the first day and Under 55kg at the second weigh-in on the Thursday of Tournament.

The Tournament Weigh-In Committee shall consist of two members appointed by the Organising Committee plus either the President and/or Secretary of the Northern Region Primary Schools’ Rugby Advisory Council.

(ii) Procedure for all Weigh-ins: (a) Weigh-ins will take place at the times stipulated by the Organising Committee. (b) A team manager is to accompany each team at the weigh-ins as an observer. The Manager is to hand each form to the official in charge of the weighing. That official will sign the eligibility certificate in respect of each player whose name appears on the team list, and each certificate, weight permitting. (c) At the weigh-ins, no player shall be eligible to be weighed in a second time. Players will have the opportunity to disrobe on the scales, if they wish, before being requested to step off. (d) A maximum of 22 players from each team shall be weighed at the first weigh in. (e) Only the 22 players from the first weigh in (or an approved replacement) may be reweighed at the second weigh-in.

(iii) The first Weigh-in is on the opening day of the Tournament. All teams will be weighed in a two hour duration at least one and a half hours before they are due to play.

(iv) Second Weigh-in: teams will again be weighed at least one and a half hours before they play.

(v) Only under extenuating circumstances (as approved by the Organising Committee) should any player on a team list, absent at the times of weighing be allowed to be weighed later.

(vi) Replacement Players (a) A player weighed out at either weigh-in, can only be replaced if he/she is a nominated front row player, and the replacement weighs in Under 55kgs. (b) Players injured and unable to take further part in the tournament, can be replaced with the Organising Committee’s approval.


(a) Each team must not exceed the maximum regulations for individual apparel at tournament. Teams found outside these maximum regulations will be deducted two points from pool play in their respective tournaments.

(b) Disciplinary procedures will be instigated for further clothing violations at semi finals and finals stages of a tournament, and dealt with by the Tournament Disputes Committee. Penalties could include disqualification.

(c) Team Issue Clothing (maximum) 1 track suit 2 polo shirts 1 jersey or polar fleece 1 cap or beanie 1 gear bag 1 pair of shorts


(i) Tournament Organising Committees will provide reasonable and accurate information on a range of accommodation options with the visiting teams responsible for the arrangements of all their players and managements accommodation.

(ii) Team management must have a complete list and understanding of players whereabouts including emergency details throughout the entire course of the tournament.


(i) Before the commencement of each annual Tournament, a Disputes Committee shall be formed to handle disciplinary matters, disputes, claims, requests and queries that may arise off the field during the Tournament. Such matters will only pertain to the players and managements participating in the Tournament.

(ii) The Disputes Committee shall comprise three members (one Provincial Executive from the host union, one Organising Committee and one member of the Northern Region Primary Schools’ Rugby Advisory Councils Executive).

(iii) Complaints to the Disputes Committee regarding any player or management, must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Organising Committee. The Disputes Committee must meet to discuss and act upon the complaint prior to the next round of games


Before the commencement of each Tournament, a Judicial Committee shall be formed (from members of the host’s judicial committee) to handle judicial matters that may arise on the field during the Tournament.


(i) The tournaments shall be held each year in the first week of the September vacation.

(ii) By use of a roster system, each Union will take turns at running the Tournaments.

(iii) The Organising Committee shall appoint the referees. Highest consideration should be given to appoint the most capable referees and inviting referees from other unions.

(iv) Team lists shall be in the hands of Tournament Secretaries fifteen days before Tournaments commence for inclusion in the Tournament Programmes.

(v) Visiting teams shall meet all their own expenses for travelling to and from Tournaments.

(vi) Matches will be conducted in accordance with current domestic rugby laws.

(vii) Ball to be size 4.

(viii) Time for all matches will be two 30 minute spells, unless extra time is necessary. (Semi Finals only).

(ix) Substitutions: rolling subs.

(x) Each Tournament shall be run in accordance with the Tournament Rules.

(xi) Conversions: to be taken from inline with where tries are scored (parallel to touch line).

(xii) Tournament Rules may be changed at a Northern Region Primary Schools’ Rugby Advisory Council Annual General Meeting to take effect at the next Tournament.

(xiii) Each tournament Organising Committee must furnish a copy of a written report and a Balance Sheet at the November General Meeting with a copy to the Northern Region Junior Advisory Council.


NRM Tournaments will be held in the following order: 2007 Northland 2008 King Country 2009 Counties-Manukau 2010 Waikato 2011 Auckland 2012 North Harbour 2013 Thames Valley 2014 Bay of Plenty