There were no Photos of our team taken.

We also had the assistance of the late great Eric Boggs coaching us because he thought we were the best Auck team but unfortunately we fell at the first game, and even though we beat the eventual winners.

In our team were R W Bailey (who was one of the first Kiwi League players to be inducted into the Hall of Fame) and E D Wiggs another Kiwi . Ron Rangi was probably the one that played for Waikato Rangers. Programme/comments provided by Mr. Mark McVeigh.

Copy of 1955 Programme

1955 NRM Champion Team


A. Russell
L. Higgins
H. Jorgenson
W. Moana
P. Kewish
A. Galbraith
L. Hughes
H. Warren
M. Ngatai
R. Howie
J. Brough
P. Borrell
R. Howell
J. Prince
W. Mayor
D. Ormsby
T. Ihaia (?)
B. Mann
G. Thompson
C. Monga

Managers: J. Morry & B.    Taylor



A. Golding
N. Kahu
G. Hogan
P. Fisken
K. Campbell
D. Warbrick
R. Taua
G. Reynolds
P. McFadden
J. Trail
R. Risetto
M. Garland
G. Ericson
G. Roach
N. Conway
D. Bryan
B. Bell
B. manderson
M. Eyles
J. Meek

Managers: R.J. Walsham, T.     Carnachan



R. Gillard
R. Nelson
M. Linstream
R. Webby
M. Burgess
L. Lewer(?)
E. Bell
K. Clarke
H. Bush
R. Hiwinui
B. Barlow
W. Garland
R. Watts
N. Castle
P. Moody
G. Singers
F. Baker
I. Murphy
J. Mellraith
A. Aranui

Managers: Mr. E.C Coleman


H.T Schuster
T. Lawson
R.W Bailey
M.V McVeigh
W.H Burroughs
H. Guscoigne
T. Tohu
B.J Hutson
J. Hurley
E.D Wiggs
A.K Polley
C. Bracken
T.W Cosgrove
H. Cooper
W.P Johns
A.D Wilson
N.J Barnard
K.A.W Powell
F. Young
G.C Saunders

Managers: H.A Wright & H. Watts



J. Mita
G. Armstrong
W. Tonga
H. Edmonds
B. Walsh
L. Jenkins
D. Williams
A. Berney
L. Pullerton
R. Ardern
J. McGowan
P. Piahana(?)
J. Allen
D. Low
J. McDonald
J. McOnle

Managers: K. Clements, N. Bateman



T. Papesch(?)
R. Hrstich (?)
W. Prime
S. Innes
R. Te Tai
P. Browning
C. Seeburt
A. Neary
W. Kent
N. Pennycook
L, MacBeayne
M. Miles
G. Shields
L. Parris
D. Ley
T. Watene
B. Wallace
P. McGregor
J. Cowan
K. Robinson

Managers: W.F.Walker, H.   Short



K. Kettles
K. Tolley
P. Rigney
K. Old
J. Moorehead
R. Blake
D. Lawrence
K. Reynolds
B. Southcombe
D. Russell
G. Leesum
M. Davis
R. Rangi
J. McLeod
J. Robinson
P. Matete
A. Namana
G. Millerchen
R. Baldwin
P. Brown

Managers: A. Murray, B.    Malone