Maori Line Flag Winners

What Happened to the Maori Flag Trophy?

Whatever happened to the Maori All Blacks Line Flag trophy? The flag was presented to the Roller Mills tournament by Mr D.S.B. Heather, manager of the Maoris team to Australia in 1949.

The flag was for presentation to the outstanding Maori player of the tournament. But presentation of the trophy ceased in 1975. There is no record of what happened to the flag.

Anyone know?

Previous Winners

1949 Morris Rangi (Thames Valley)

1950 James Taitoko (King Country)

1952 Mack Herewini (Auckland East) & J. Wirepo (King Country)

1953 Tony Dick (Waikato Rangers)

1954 Jack Toa (King Country)

1955 Heke Bush (Waikato Rovers)

1956 Murray Paul (Waikato Rangers)

1957 Dennis Kihi (Counties)

1958 David Sherman ((Counties)

1959 Ratana Ngaumu (King Country)

1960 Noel Pickrang (Waikato Rangers)

1961 Fred Timms (Auckland East)

1962 Wally Tahere (Auckland West)

1963 Tommy Hira (Auckland East)

1964 Hepa Puru (North Auckland)

1965 John Perewi (King Country)

1966 Pat Moana (Counties)

1967 Alexander Baker (Auckland East)

1968 Ricky Cribb (King Country)

1969 Gerald Simmonds (Waikato Rangers)

1970 Peter Rewha (Auckland East)